TAM at Melbourne Digital Concert Hall - 07 October 2020

Thank you to everyone who 'attended' our virtual concert and for the lovely comments and messages sent to us during and after our concert! For those of you who were interested in finding out more about our English Piano Trios recording - which featured the Boughton Celtic Prelude - and our

2020 Piano Trio Archaeology mission - The Reissiger Project - please click the links below.  

Trio Anima Mundi will be performing via the Melbourne Digital Concert Hall platform on Wednesday 07 October at 8.30pmpm (AEDT) (Singapore - 5.30pm, Japan - 6.30pm, UK - 10.30am etc. Apologies to our friends in North America...not the most civilised time for you guys!)

Trio Anima Mundi (TAM) journeys through music tinged with a Romantic hue. Hear Handel reimagined in the nineteenth century, a snippet from TAM’s highly-acclaimed latest CD ‘English Piano Trios’, some world-premiere miniatures, a glimpse into TAM’s latest mission, and experience the drama of Mendelssohn’s first Piano Trio.


Rutland Boughton – Celtic Prelude: The Land of Heart’s Desire

Carl Gottlieb Reissiger – Piano Trio No.4, Op.56 – 2nd movt: Andante non troppo

Johan Halvorsen – Passacaglia in G minor on a Theme by Handel for violin and cello

Kenji Fujimura – Three Albumleaves for piano solo (world premiere)

I – La Simplicité
II – Reverie
III – Song Without Words

Felix Mendelssohn – Piano Trio No.1 in D minor, Op.49

I – Molto allegro ed agitato
II – Andante con moto tranquillo
III – Scherzo
IV – Finale

(This performance was first broadcast live on 28 May 2020)