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The name is Reissiger...Carl Reissiger...

No, he wasn't a spy...Carl Gottlieb Reissiger (1798-1859) was the successor to Carl Maria von Weber as Kapellmeister of the Dresden Court from 1828. Although he wrote a considerable amount of music -- including nine operas and over sixty songs - Reissiger's most famous work may be a tiny trifle of a work attributed to his predecessor, known as Weber's Last Waltz.

Amongst his credits, Reissiger conducted the premiere of Wagner's opera Rienzi in 1842.

Included in his compositional output are various chamber music works such as piano quartets and quintets, and at least 27 piano trios...(we may have found a 28th...!). Popular during his lifetime, they are now all but forgotten, despite Robert Schumnn describings these works as '...jewel-like...his music never fatigues the ear, but holds our attention to the very end.'

Curious? If so, hear Trio Anima Mundi perform Reissiger's first two piano trios during their 2022 Annual Concert Series, starting on 2nd April. More informtion and tickets available from

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